IMG_2444It was particularly blowy when I was out and about the day I captured this particulary cheeky little shot.

I was making my way through the town and checking out the little market stalls dotted along my route, when a gust of wind suddenly gusted by me and lifted a dog bowl along with several other unsecured items which were on the pavement beside this ladies stall.

There was a loud clang as the metal bowl landed and spun like a coin on the ground sending the stall holder running around the back to check nothing had been damaged.

I quickly raised the camera but unfortunately the lady was by then kneeling down with her back to me hastily collecting up the items which had just been scattered about.

Then completely unexpectedly, this other lady pushing this beautiful lime green bicycle its basket embellished with a garland of paper flowers; appeared in frame and stared directly at me, giving me the biggest smile ever.

Now what more could I have asked for?

So thank you mystery lady I truly appreciated your invaluable contribution to my blog image for today.

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