‘Chasing Shadows’

IMG_2335This is our Beau doing what he loves to do best at the moment…and that’s running.

He is at the age now where if you tell him that certain foods he eats will make him run faster; then he is definitely up for that challenge.

Trouble is I then have to spend the next couple of hours counting just exactly how fast he can then achieve those things

“Can you count to three gwandan…then say GO?” he shouts to me.

And poised with his arms outstretched behind him at the crucial time; he then tears off shouting “watch gwandan watch!” Laughing away to himself as he easily completes each task. He will then get me to check how big his arm muscles are getting whilst catching his breath.

Meanwhile I am on assisted ventilations just counting him down.

This shot of him today then was taken over at the Still and West pub in Old Portsmouth as he was just completing his tenth circuit of the cobble stones.

Unbelievably we are coming up to his fourth birthday very soon; and so we are throwing a party for him at our place where all his many friends and relatives can come and share the afternoon celebrations with him.

He is honestly a fantastic little kid and such great fun to have around, he is even artistic and can write his own name and count up to forty then back down again.

I really feel I have to share this next little snippet with you all though.

In an entry that his mum had posted up on facebook yesterday she explained that he had drawn a picture of his daddy and proudly presented this to him for his approval.

After a minute or two his dad said to him “Beau what are these things you’ve drawn on me down here?”

“Oh” says Beau “That’s your willy and your bum dad…and you’re just doing a little fluff”

“Thanks Beau…that’s lovely” said his dad trying not to laugh out too loudly.

Kids are just PRICELESS aren’t they?

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