‘Folk Singer’

IMG_2440I so wanted to buy one of this street artists CDs. He was Irish in descent and this beautiful brogue could easily picked up as he sang.

I was honestly impressed. In part with his genuine and natural talent as a musician, but also with the warmth in his smile. Refreshingly this was not just aimed towards those punters willing to drop a coin in his guitar case as they passed him by, but to people in general.

He was the kind of musician you would be happy to pay to go and listen to, and he was an obviously seasoned master in his craft.

Maybe next visit over to ‘Chi’ I can actually get the elusive CD I was after that particular day.

I feel sure that when I do purchase one, it will definitely be one I just know I would be playing continually in the van.

There is some real talent out there on our streets, and it’s such a shame that all too often it’s a talent which frequently seems to pass by unacknowledged and underappreciated.

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