‘Put yer bonnet onnit’

IMG_0150Happy Easter to you all from our little Beau seen her reluctantly wearing his Easter Bonnet.

His Mum and his Nan spent a lot of time and patience in structuring and creating this magnificent specimen for his annual Easter Bonnet Parade, which he and his little mates were all to be involved with in their ‘Little Spinnaker pre-school’ group.

However despite all the initial excitement; on the actual day of the said event our Beau became a bit shy and didn’t feel quite so keen on getting involved with the actual parade bit after all.

So believe me when I tell you this by is quite unique image today; and is one I will treasure, as there was no way he was going to be wearing it on the day.

Beau is a strong willed little lad, and when he makes up his mind about something he is determined to stand his ground. In fairness to him though, I think he had built himself up for this particular event not fully appreciating he might instead prefer to remain in the background, closer to his mum.

At least the creativity which went into the making of this fabulous chicken bonnet though wasn’t wasted. Indeed he was most proud of his own, his mums, and his nan’s collective achievement. Besides in our Beau’s own little way he felt he had got involved with it all at a level which he felt comfortable with.

It is often a difficult call to make when kids demonstrate their own opinions about an issue which we want them to be involved in.

However, as most of us out there are only too aware, each child is absolutely unique, and therefore often prone to reacting in a totally different way than we had anticipated. Especially when they find themselves in unfamiliar; or worse still uncomfortable circumstances.

So it’s important we try to remember this occasionally instead of maybe feeling we can press them into participating in something simply because everyone else is doing so.

Our children are no different to us, and are therefore perfectly entitled to make their own choices despite how that makes us feel.

“Mind you he did look kinda cool in his Easter Bonnet they made… don’t you think?”

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