IMG_2412Thought I might capture a shot of this little Yorkie who I noticed out walking with his proud owner, well sort of out walking, if you get my drift.

He was though a real little character, and seemed to have an innate ability to be able draw people over in his direction in order that he might momentarily gain some their affection.

You will notice that he is wearing his knitted wooly jacket against the elements and he obviously he is adored and spoilt rotten by the looks of him.

These dogs though do indeed make excellent little companions, and certainly enjoy as much attention as you are prepared to lavish upon them.

Further on down the street though he was then placed back on the pavement again and skipped quite happily alongside his owner, constantly looking up at her in the hope he might get another free carry.

Sure enough the final time I spotted them that day, there he was again being carried around in her arms…and loving every minute of it.

And people say it’s a dog’s life…Certainly doesn’t seem all that bad to me though.

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