‘Middle Distance’

IMG_2389This young woman was out walking her dog through the town over in Chichester. The sun was high that day and the shadows cast were long.

I am assuming that the person or persons whom she was visiting with, had perhaps found themselves a little cafe and were perhaps sitting down outside enjoying a hot drink whilst she had strolled a while with the dog.

I first noticed them when they emerged from one of the alleyways which lead onto the main high street and they were then standing and looking a little confused as to the whereabouts of her companions; who had by this time decided to move off.

Eventually though she led the dog up towards the top of the town and there they both stood no doubt feeling deserted and hoping to catch sight of a friendly familiar face.

I was just interested in the kind of concerned almost melancholic expression written on this ladies face.

Her little dog on the other hand, appeared singularly disinterested and looked thoroughly fed up with the whole shopping fiasco.

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