‘Happy Birthday Beau’

IMG_3244IMG_3266.jpgJust a very quick couple of images to celebrate our Beaus fourth Birthday.

We are partying with him today but he’s officially four tomorrow.

He has been very lucky to have received a whole bunch of amazing gifts from friends and family and the image I have put up tonight shows his first ever attempt at riding his very first bike.

With encouragement from us and support from his Dad Stef he literally took to it like a duck to water.

He has now then progressed from a scooter boy to a cycle boy, and he is very excited.

Happy Birthday to you then Beau and well done on your success on your new bike today…I’m sure you will be having many new adventures in the future.

Love you matey.

6 thoughts on “‘Happy Birthday Beau’

  1. lovely to see,I did something similar with my grandson,when he thought he was ready to have his stabilisers taken off,He took off like Evil Knievel!!! enjoy them Bob.

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