‘Good Boy Diesel’

IMG_3114Our Meg seems to have a natural affinity with Diesel and the pair are very close friends.

He loves to do things that make Meg happy and this image shows them both practicing his ‘rolling onto his side’ technique which he has almost perfected.

Diesel never misses an opportunity to spend time with his best mate Megan, and they can often be seen sprawled out on their settee together as Meg gently smoothes furrowed brow. They will then watch television uninterrupted together except for Diesel occasionally sighing deeply and licking his jowls with relaxed contentment.

He is almost two years old now and despite being super strong and powerful, he is one of the gentlest and most loving animals you would ever wish to meet.

He is a true family dog and is loved in equal measure by Megs little sister Harri as well as their older brother Kaden.

It is clear how dogs and cats quickly make their mark on a family and become an integral part of their growth and love.

These are great days for us as grandparents to get to see the kids regularly and to get to share and enjoy some quality dog sharing time.

It must be said that the boxer breed truly are wonderful companions with children, and offer them unconditional love delivered in a bundle of relentless energy wrapped up in pure unadulterated fun.

Dogs rock…they really do!

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