IMG_4186I Just fell in love with this little dog who I stumbled across secured onto this bench whilst he waited for his owner to collect the shopping.

As a matter of course I do always say hello to dogs, and I always go away feeling a whole lot better about things in general.

In my mind they are almost always a brilliant de-stresser in life, and therefore I feel personally should never knowingly be ignored.

They are more often than not massively pleased that you have may have elected to spend some time with them; albeit for even a short period of your day. And the additional bonuses are that there are absolutely no awkward concerns about you having to get to know them first, or having to worry about breaking the ice.

Dogs simply couldn’t care less that you are a complete stranger their love is unconditional.

Consequently I spent a very enjoyable time making a massive fuss of this little one before i went on my way again.

It was a good feeling to know that he was obviously loved and cared for extremely well and reassuring that dogs hold no preconceptions or make any judgements about you as a person. He was just simply pleased to spend time with me…as indeed I was with him.

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