‘Dude in a Mood’

L1080758 Taken yesterday. I was out and about with the visiting ‘outlaw’ from Vancouver and my missus when we happened across this grandfather and his grandson.

They were having a bit of quality time together whilst waiting for grandma to return from the shops.

Taking a stroll over to them I politely asked the gentleman if he would be okay if I were to take a photograph of them both for my blog page; at which point the little lad went immediately into ‘switch off’ and totally ignore this person with the camera mode; this was despite being cuddled and reassured by grandad that it was all alright.

I just smiled and explained that I honestly didn’t mind at all if he didn’t want to smile (which I think was the initial reason behind his sudden change in mood) I went on to explain that I actually felt it could possibly add more authenticity to the overall shot?

Sensing the little lads displeasure I then quickly grabbed a couple of images and  both my subjects remained completely relaxed about it all. Much to my relief I eventually did get the little lad laughing with me; after that is I spent a short time making admiring comments  about his new hat;  I think he liked that… a lot.

In the end though it was my camera which sealed the deal with him; this was due to the fact that he and his grandad had just been visiting a couple of the local charity shops where firstly they had managed to find a hat not dis-similar to his grandads; and then as they were about to leave he had found and taken a shine to a compact all singing all dancing fully working ‘point and shoot’ digital camera.

His grandad had then bartered a bit with the shop keeper and in the end got it for the amazing price of just 60 pence!

BARGAIN…or what?

I take my hat off to them both!

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