‘All Directions’

L1080761Over at Chichester the other day and where as usual I was out looking for more interesting images which I might capture.

Then as I began to cross over the road to visit one of the local charity shops; I was suddenly taken with the level of activity which was taking shape at this small intersection directly in front of me.

It was quite strange really; because everyone in this shot just seemed to suddenly appear like actors and actresses in a well rehearsed scene.

There was the young mother with her child in the pushchair who was locked in conversation with a friend. Or the young guy who had stopped on his mountain bike to catch up with his mate.

I particularly liked the young woman passing through the shot; her eyes closed in a momentary blink; but very deep and reflective within her self? The little girl walking purposefully behind her father.

In the distance an elderly chap makes his way to the rear of the premises where another shopper has just appeared in view to his left.

The blond lady carrying a box and a shopping bag and whose reflection coincidentally can clearly be seen in the shop window alongside where the little girl was passing.

Of course there were other figures hidden in the crowd. The chap holding a cigarette and waiting patiently with a friend to cross the road.

Then lastly to the bottom right of shot you can see just a glimpse of a lower leg and foot; looking mysteriously robotic in nature?

So many interesting people and each going off in different directions. Fascinating facial expressions; now all neatly locked and frozen in their own particular space and time.

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