‘Through the Portal’

IMG_4675Took a trip down into Southsea with our Beau today and it was very cold and unforgiving weather. So much so that Beau felt happier staying in the relative warmth of the van rather than venture out.

We managed one brief visit though over to the ‘Butterfly House’ despite the fact that most self respecting butterflies are by now in a better place than in a cold Southsea Seafront Museum? Next we had to take a cruise along the promenade to check out any ships or ferries or in particular hovercraft’s which might be edging their way through the choppy waters towards the shoreline; and where we might get to park up and admire at closer quarters?

Well we did get to see the ferry and we even saw the Catamaran and as well as a huge container ship; moving purposefully forward way out in the distance near the isle of Wight. But then ‘joy of joys’ the hovercraft came speeding over from Ryde Pier in a haze of sea spray. Beau of course was in his element.

We had to then drive along the Promenade in line with this before eventually parking right outside the terminal.

Then we chased the ‘Cat’ all the way through to Old Portsmouth and stopped to watch him as he moved past the strip of the harbour entrance near the Hot Walls. We then got out to wave and then returned somewhat hastily toward the van. Looking back though I spotted this family who had also been tracking the ‘Cat’ on it’s journey and were just exiting from the beach through this very old doorway.

Back at home we took a quick look at our chance capture. But would have to admit it wasn’t too shabby for an impromptu shot?

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