‘Town Cryer’


Over in the market town of Hitchin in Hertfordshire on Saturday with our two good friends who are now resident in the county of Bedfordshire nearby.

The weather was a tad chilly that day, but luckily for us the showers held off during the whole time we were there checking the cafes restaurants and shops. The town is famous for it’s traditional open market which is the largest in the Home Counties and has been in the town for over 500 years.
(I think they took a few breaks in between of course!)

It’s a quaint little place and this very colourful character was one of the first residents to introduce himself to us.


He had a hunting horn in his pocket which he blew loudly before each announcement he had to relay to the assembled shoppers. He was a lovely happy and very jolly chap who seemed to know everybody in Hitchin.

We enjoyed a fantastic meal whilst we were over there and I enjoyed getting the opportunity to snap a few street images for today’s blog page.

And as an additional bonus, we even got ourselves back home without meeting any traffic jams or unforeseen hazards on the unpredictable motorway that is the M1.

It really was a very enjoyable weekend break with friends whom we have known since our own kids were small, and whom are the kind of people who you can simply enjoy being yourself with…no effort required.

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