‘British Bulldog’

IMG_0409Met this character at a music festival we attended in Wiltshire.

He was enjoying the weather the day this was taken, and had dressed accordingly. As the image clearly depicts he was on his way to the real ale tent opposite, supposedly to refresh his glass. On his way however he suddenly kicked up both his feet and kindly did a couple of little jigs. Impressively, these were even done in time with the band in the main arena.

And in all credit to him, despite being ever so slightly tipsy and just a little unsteady on his pins; he still did a really good job creating laughter and amusement to both himself and to the assembled audience.

On his return however his concentration had noticeably become far more focussed on the contents of his glass. The previous jigs which the audience had just enjoyed moments before were not up for consideration.

To everyone’s surprise however, he did in actual fact make it safely back to his friends, and more importantly, with the contents of his glass intact.

(That’s correct, not a single drop of beer was lost during the making of this blog…well almost.)

Then sitting down on the grass with his mates, he casually leaned himself back on his left hand, and raised his drink to toast the crowd around him.

They then cheered and applauded in appreciation at this momentous achievement.

To acknowledge this he then drew himself back up onto his feet and bowed his head, effectively then spilling the contents of his beer all over the place. His mates by this time now in hysterics.

But you know what. A drop of sunshine, good live music, friendly folk, and beer…It’s all I need that’s for sure.

Nuff said I guess?

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