‘Wobbly Bottom Farm’

thumb_IMG_3428_1024This wonderfuly jolly lady was one of the many stallholders I met during my recent visit over to Woburn.

She was selling beautiful homemade cheeses; and we were all able to sample a small selection whilst we chatted with her.

During our conversation she saw me raise the camera and promptly said “Now I’m sure you don’t want to be getting any photos of me my dear” She then spun herself around and said that I would however be more than welcome to take a photograph of her backside.

“Not at all” I said “Besides, I think that your front view is far nicer in my opinion”

“Bless you for that” she smiled “but I think the rear view promotes my business, name far better don’t you?” she laughed as she pointed to the logo on her apron bib.

She was just one of those people that was a joy to be around and I thought that she was definitely one of the more colourful characters we were fortunate enough to get to meet that glorious sunny afternoon at the farmers market.

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