‘1000 and out’

Good morning eceryone.


It would appear that I have reached the point where my available blog space has now been maximised. And this very morning I find myself standing at a crossroads.

So it is for this reason alone that I have decided I am going to need to take a break for a while; and figure out exactly what I might do next.

In fairness there is a lot happening for me in my life at the moment and it might be that I need to review my options anyway.

That’s the trouble with life don’t you agree? Cost inevitably becomes a sobering consideration.

So for now then at least, can I just say thank you to everyone who has been kind enough to follow and encourage me since I started this truly exciting and fulfilling venture through WordPress.

As far as I’m aware I think I am still able to access my site? And hopefully continue following those of you out there whom I have come to know?

Not the same admittedly, but hey…sometimes choices have to be made.

So for the interim, thanks a million to all my new followers and a particularly special thank you to those if you out there I have known since I first started this whole blogging experience.

Any advice or recommendations for alternative solutions would of course be welcomed.

But for now guys, I have been and shall hopefully remain for many more years to come…Paparazzibob!

11 thoughts on “‘1000 and out’

  1. I know you can eventually maximize the remaining space on your website. Thank you for opting to stay and stay connected. Your followers would be certainly missed your blog post.

    • It’s annoying Bruce but unfortunately tbe cost is now becoming a factor for me these days. I shall however continue follow you my friend. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Good Morning Bob. I completely understand the constraints of cost. I will miss seeing your photography! Keeping my fingers crossed you will find another way and will inform all of us if your works finds another home 🙂

    • You are very kind my friend; thank you for such an encouraging comment.
      I was considering Facebook as a possible option but not sure how that might work?
      Great to hear from you today though
      Luv n peas

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