“All the fun of the Fair”

The fun fair hits town, and fathers everywhere begin to wonder just where their little girls are and indeed who they might be with?

Drawn, as in an automaton state young girls stare towards the distant multi coloured flashing lights, the high pitched squeal of the sirens, the smell of candy floss. The images of huge cuddly toys being carried shoulder high by their lucky winners!
The shrill screams of excitement accompany the spinning plunging sky machines.
Chests absorbing the loud pumping, relentless beat from the bass speakers.
The groups of onlookers gather on the dipping wooden platforms surrounding the ever popular ‘waltzer’ that spins wildly and gyrates faster and faster.

But for many a young girl of course…. there is the added attraction of the fairground boys?
Shirtless lads with their muscular frames, brandishing tatoos, on their brown sunburned shoulders and arms.

When my two sisters were younger, they looked forward to what we as kids all knew as the ‘town moor’.
I vividly recall my sisters meticulously applying their eye make up, whilst singing loudly to ‘Johnny Remember Me” delivered by their pop star idol at the time, John Leyton.
This was a 45 rpm being played on the latest ‘Dansette’ record player!

I can equally remember my Dad taking me in the car to go and pick them up.

The pure excitement of attending the fun fair hasn’t really changed that much from those memorable times of the 60s.

And Dads to this day, still worry for their little girls!

But hopefully, as back then, it’s all part of their growing up? Of falling in love, and of getting their hearts broken as ‘all the fun of fair’ sadly comes to it’s inevitable end?

As the travellers break down their rides, pack their vans and trucks with canvasses and equipment. moving off to its next location, where it will then start all over again.

And once the last lorry pulls away, all that remains is the flattened grass, and faded yellow outlines in the grass, marking out their templates, of where the rides and trailers once pitched.

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