‘Southsea Show’

IMG_5924 ‘It’s Back’ texts this young lad on his mobile phone!

Yes the ‘Southsea Show’ is set to bring family fun to the common again from the 1st to the 3rd August 2014. This is a much loved event particularly looked forward to when the weather is being kind to us all down here on the South Coast…which I am pleased to announce that it most definitely is!

This year it’s programme boasts a charity music stage, a big show tent, a transport village, a theatre tent, film, marching bands, a sports village, an animal village, a vintage fun-fair and markets.

Among the performance highlights are shows from the Tigers children’s motorcycle display team on the Saturday and Sunday. Hit musical Avenue Q and boy band M.A.D. are among the national touring names making appearances.

The show is put on by the Portsmouth Partnership with support from the council.

It will no doubt be as well attended as it always is. With kids being spoilt for choice in terms of entertainment and loads of cool things to do and see. Mums and Dads though will need to watch the wallets and purse strings especially with the many food stands and hot dog burger and candy floss vendors available at every turn.

Still…if it all get’s too much; then there is always the beer tent!

For photographers though this genuinely is a great event to be at with your camera. But…as I have just been reliably informed; we are now apparently booked to babysit Friday and Saturday this week?

So I wonder if you can possibly guess where we will more than likely be persuaded to go?

I think I might have to take out another mortgage?

Now then…where did it say that beer tent was located again?

3 thoughts on “‘Southsea Show’

  1. Super write up as always Bob; and accompanying photo! I always remember dragging my parents to the amusement parks, fairs, festivals, etc. and yes, them having to spend a great deal of money! It’s a small price though, considering it’s a nice time out with family.

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