‘Out with Grandad’

IMG_7836 An interesting walk around Chichester again yesterday. With the school holiday’s in full swing I took a leisurely stroll off the main town centre route and through the peace and tranquility of the Cathedral grounds. I then decided to pop over to the marketplace; which was much busier than usual! Not surprising though I suppose? With all the kids being off just now.

It seemed that everyone was out yesterday; either in small clusters or with parents or friends.

In the case of this little capture however; I was more interested in the interactions between the three little kids and their grand-dad.

The three obviously doted on their grandad; and he had them all captivated as they sat around him on this bench listening to his every word whilst he worked his magic on them telling them outlandishly magical stories which had them all laughing and giggling out loud.

For those of us who are grand-parents; these are special days indeed. We get to tell these most amazing tales all of which are totally believed; and therefore only serve to make the experience even more satisfying for the teller.

It is a sobering thought though that all too soon these children in shot will have soon grown up and no doubt found many other things to distract and to stimulate their ever inquisitive minds?

But… whilst they are still of that magical age where their grandad is such an important and influential figure in their lives surely then it is our duty to ensure that these bizarre stories shared by us become ever sillier; though always allowing the kids to contribute of course; and to add their very own fantastic interpretations. Most of which are absolutely incredible; and usually totally hilarious.

However when their parents do eventually return though; these stories are then re-told only with a large degree of embellishment.

That’s when mums often frown and smile and then look to you whilst saying to their children “Has your grandad been telling fibs again?

“YEAH!” comes their loud excited and collective response…”He was!”

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