‘Swan Lake?’

IMG_5930 We were over on the seafront the other day and had just enjoyed a cuppa and a snack at the new ‘Cafe on the beach’ and we decided that we might stroll over to Canoe lake which for the purposes of today’s image has been re-titled ‘Swan Lake’

As you can see the lake offers people down there the opportunity to rent out their peddle boats and these are designed into the shape of either swans (as in the image above) or the often more popular ducks.

Bank Holiday’s here always sees the lake and the surrounding parks and gardens very busy; particularly when the weather is warm. Visiting families all seem to enjoy the atmosphere down here taking full advantage of the free butterfly museum and the many various children’s activities which are on offer.

Anyway; as I was taking in these surroundings and looking for a photographic opportunity to capture; I noticed these two swan boats in shot slowly approaching each other through the water.

I quickly raised the camera and tried to assess where I thought the boats would cross so that I might get an image with the curves of the swans necks interlinked forming a heart shape?

I was quite pleased with the end result. Because It’s very important I feed the more romantic and creative side to my nature you see??

Yes you might well laugh; but I can be very romantic in my own way you know?. You just ask my missus.  I am convinced that she would be the first to confirm this for you?

(Or not!…as the case may be)

Well that’s my excuse anyway…and I am sticking to it!

Besides; had I taken a similar shot but then chosen to capture the other peddle boats I mentioned previously; I somehow don’t think that ‘Duck Lake’ sounds quite so romantic; what do you think? 

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