‘Old Sea Dog’

IMG_8164Drove over to The River Hamble today. This is a major centre for all types of recreational boating and home to thousands of sailing yachts and motorboats.

Their were the usual gatherings of young families either enjoying picnics or ice creams but most were out crabbing with their nets and slithers of fresh bacon for bait.

We saw the much photographed ‘pink’ Hamble Ferry taking visitors over it’s quarter mile journey over the waters to Warsash via Bursledon. This is a very popular excursion; and one which is well used by ramblers, cyclists and yachtsmen.

Historically the ferry has a long history and evidence of a crossing appears in a reference made by the local Admiralty Court in 1493.

As we were returning from a walk along the shoreline I saw this beautiful old black labrador bringing back his owner back her tennis ball which he had retrieved for at least the sixth time! Too tired it appeared to even shake the water dripping from his jet black coat. Refusing the offer to throw out one final ball he instead lay himself down on the pebbles where he stayed; determined not to move until he was good and ready.

This really is a beautiful place to visit with some very old pubs overlooking the harbour. I can recommend this to anyone looking for a peaceful day out away from the hustle and bustle of life.

Just remember to buy yourself a parking ticket; as the woman next to us ignored the notices reminding her to do so; and consequently ended up with a £25 ticket for her trouble.

“Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the car park!”

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