‘Street Auction’

IMG_9211Well now; maybe you’re in the market for a new bicycle? Maybe you’re looking out for a nice set of repro dining room chairs? Or why not treat yourself to a classic vintage ‘Singer’ sewing machine?

Whatever it is that takes your fancy; you can probably find it here in the market place street auction in Chichester.

As you will see from the image above this particular one is quite well attended as there’s always someone out there hoping to snap up a bargain or two. People attending though were not put off by the drop in temperature and were all well wrapped up against the cold; stamping their feet on the ground and blowing hot air into their clasped hands; as the auctioneer for the sale bellowed out his chat and banter to the enjoyment of the crowd.

I would have to admit that each time I have visited this market they always seem to move their items on; and at at a pretty rapid rate. I do though always smile as people who have purchased bikes sometimes on a whim; then pay and cycle away looking decidedly unsafe in their balance and handling ability. They wobble around precariously before eventually finding their momentum and heading off up the road trying their best to seem competent.

Some with plans to possibly do a little bit of work on their new purchase before then selling it on again to another buyer? Only with a more profitable and of course slightly elevated price tag?

Even six foot full length dining tables are purchased here by local punters; some of whom have absolutely no form of transport arranged but are more than happy to pick up and wander away with them; much to the amusement of the assembled crowd.

Can’t beat a good auction of whatever description. They are always great fun and you just never know what you might find, purchase and arrive back home with? There’s nothing quite like carrying your purchase home and momentarily standing by your front door scratching your head; wondering…

“WHY? Why the hell did I buy this? What on earth was I thinking?”

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