‘Sermon on the Mount’

IMG_9276Another busy Saturday down at Commercial Road. And in what is our school’s half term; the place seemed even livlier than usual. As always down here their was a certain vibe hanging in the air.

All of life is here; and in all it’s many guises. People with things to buy, meetings to attend, catching up with old friends, taking a coffee break, or maybe out looking for that something special?

So as I had done what it was I came there to do; and with a half hour or so to spare, I was quite content just to walk about and see what was on offer; photographically speaking you understand?

It was then I heard this young preacher who had positioned himself on this concrete mount and was doing everything he could to try to get people to listen to his words. Sadly, very few appeared to have either the time or the inclination to stop and lend him their ear. Un-rellenting he continued on preaching the word from his holy script his voice occassionally breaking as he did so.

Then wandering into frame I see this homeless guy. He lights up a hand rolled cigarette and then proceeds to shuffle about in an agitated state? He too looked like he was hoping to connect with someone or to share a word or two of friendly greeting; instead he was blanked by the many shoppers who passed him by without so much as glance.

I smiled over to him having taken this quick capture and watched as he raised a thumb back at me in his fingerless glove. His eyes were the palest blue colour as he glanced up just briefly; before then shuffling on his way over to the seats near the water fountain at the bottom of the town.

Here he sat himself down and crossed his legs. Then leaning his body weight forward his left arm resting across his lap; he very slowly raised his other hand holding this tiny cigarette which was almost burning his fingers; upwards toward his bearded lips. Taking one long deep inhalation of smoke he then discarded the roll up before talking to himself and then laughing out loudly. I watched on sympathetically as he tried so hard to focus all of his concentration on removing an old weathered tobacco pouch from one of his many jacket pockets; before rolling himself yet another comfort smoke?

“It made me think of that old that old saying”

“Not all who wander are lost”

“Hmm…makes you think doesn’t it?”

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