USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71)

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Popped over to Stokes Bay this morning to take some shots of the Monster US warship Roosevelt; also known as the ‘Big Stick’

For the next few days and much to the excitement of thousands; she is anchored just off Portsmouth.

The traffic and the car parks here are absolutely full to bursting point with visitors. Many with their binoculars focused out to sea and others high powered lenses and camera equipment mounted on sturdy tripods. All hoping to get the best image of the day.

When we arrived this morning there were queues of vehicles everywhere along the seafront. The rain was just about holding off although some sinister looking black clouds hovering above us were looking very threatening to say the least.

Eventually though the heavens did open up; and how!

Hail spattered down bouncing off the roads and pavements and feeling like needles striking your head. It’s sudden torrent literally showering everyone and sending them all scurrying off in different directions in search of some shelter.

This ship though is most definitely an impressive sight; at more than 100,000 tons, laden with warplanes and missiles and with 5,000 men and women aboard. She is moored here because she is simply too big to dock in the port.

Serving alongside the thousands of US sailors and marines, as part of an exchange programme, are six aircraft handlers and a navigator from the Royal Navy.

Quite an experience just to witness this amazing ship visiting our shores having made her round-the-world operational mission to project US military power around the globe.

“So welcome to Portsmouth guys, have a nice day; and hey… let’s be careful out there?”

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