‘Through Tinted Glasses’

IMG_9567Well now…I just realised that my better half has actually put our clocks forward by one hour today because like myself she had believed it was the weekend to do so?

However, had I thought to read this free copy of the Chichester Business newspaper; then I would have seen that it’s not until next week.

Still; there’s nothing like a bit of early preparation eh?

So! Spring actually is upon us then folks? I know this because I inevitably ended up out working in the garden yesterday and clearing up fallen leaves; whilst my missus spread ‘chicken manure pellets’ or ‘chicken shit’ as it’s affectionately referred to by the less dignified individuals in our family; namely myself my daughter Jo and my son Duncan.

Anyway this stuff get’s chucked around the wide variety of plants which she has patiently and diligently cultivated and maintained over the many years we have resided here.

So once this had been achieved I was quite relieved to escape in my van and to pop across to Chichester for a sneaky breakfast and a walkabout; just to see if I might get any new captures.

Within a few minutes of being there I met one rather eccentric though stunningly very well dressed lady called Trudi Harrison. She certainly turned a few heads I can tell you. After introducing myself to her I managed to get her permission to use the photograph I took of her and intend to include this on my ‘accent on colour’ blog entry for Wednesday.

Then heading home I observe this chap in his blue mirrored shades standing waiting for his wife and catching up with the local news.

Those vibrant primroses and spring flowers in the foreground seemed to highlight as Robert Zimmerman once so eloquently penned “The times they are a changin”

So don’t forget to ‘SPRING forward’… only not before next week though eh?

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