‘Let’s sit together?’

I was enjoying my weekly visit over to Chichester when I decided that I would take a walk through the grounds of the cathedral.

This location is always busy and usually occupied by a variety of young and old alike. Many of whom are out enjoying a sandwich together or in contrast on their own.

There are those who can be seen eating their packed lunch whilst catching up on the next exciting chapter of their most recent book find. And then there are the lovers of the world sharing a romantic dalliance and lost blissfully and hopelessly in the moment.

Young mums are out playing games surrounded by prams and a variety of colourful toys whilst their children laugh and play together on the ancient headstones. Cyclists can be seen taking a well earned break lying on the lush grass verges drinking the cool liquid from hard plastic water bottles.

The other groups though who always seem so happy when you see them; are the visiting foreign students. They will often arrive by coach and quickly flood the area. With their arms linked and their beaming smiles carrying their individual rucksacks containing plentiful amounts of food and drink; the only thing for them to consider for the next hour or so;  is where they are going to sit together to eat.

It has to be said the cathedral grounds frequently do seem to draw the majority.


Although for others like this little group of friends below; the more shady environs offered by the popular stone facade that is the ‘Buttercross’ is the prefered option. I always love the attitude demonstrated by visiting students. They really do seem to enjoy the company of one another? And lunch for them always looks like it is a pleasurable event?

One which is to be shared savoured and enjoyed.



Well I just enjoyed my somewhat less adventurous Greggs pasty which I would take the occasional bite from whilst it was still warm and partially wrapped in it’s paper bag; as I weaved my way through the crowds.

Well…It takes all sort you know?

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