‘Christmas at the Castle’

IMG_1376Just returned home after spending a very enjoyable hour looking at the wedding photos which arrived this week after a bit of a delay due to unforeseen circumstances. There are loads of them and some absolute crackers of my daughter’s big day.

I will include a couple of the best in a future blog so that you can see how gorgeous she looked.

And yes… I am fully aware that all Dad’s whose daughters get married say this sort of thing. But take my word…she looked absolutely stunning.


Anyway we shared some cheese and crackers and pastries together at her place which was washed down with some excellent home made mulled wine. We then took our Beau and his best mate ‘Cooper’ along with his mother and father, over to the annual christmas at the castle event held on the common here in Southsea.

We were thoroughly entertained by a live tribute band named ‘Fleeting-wood Mac’ who were really really good.  They got everybody singing and dancing around despite the cold temperatures and muddy terrain.

IMG_1381The kids rides, the bouncy castle, and even the visit to see Father Christmas were all included in the ticket price, and we even got to meet a collection of absolutely amazing hand tame owls into the bargain. This little chap below here was called a ‘Frog Faced Owl’ and he obviously stole the show. (Look at his little face!)


So as not to bore you all, I am putting up just four images tonight, which are four of many I shot earlier; and which relate to my chosen Sunday topic of ‘Family’

I am keen now though to go and thaw out a bit, and to pour myself a hot brew before chilling out and catching up on the next chapter of a fascinating book I am reading on my kindle.

So I very much hope hope that you like my little selection?  And as always, thanks very much for taking the time to stop by this evening.

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