“Lost in Music”

I am sure that I have already eluded somewhere previously, to the fact that I find peoples faces, really, really interesting?

I particularly like lined faces. Wizened faces. different, eccentric, and memorable faces!

All types of faces really!

Well recently, I saw this lady’s amazing face, staring out over the crowds. Her complete attention was fixed on an energetic, talented couple of live entertainers, both of whom were singing a two part harmony jazz number, and offering a dance routine which more than complimented, their already polished delivery.

It was evident that this lady was completely wrapped up in their act, and she remained fixed on the pair, until they had completed their opening number, to loud and appreciative applause!

I watched then as she remained standing on the spot, both hands locked in the ‘clapping position’
Then she just turned to her left, to where her friends had been standing previously. It was as if she wanted to enquire, if they had enjoyed it all as much as she herself had just done?

Her face then changed to an expression of complete surprise.
Her friends had long since moved on.
And by now were way ahead.
All completely unaware, that she was no longer in their company!

Then rather coyly, she picked up her bag and cardigan, scanned the park, and obviously caught sight of them all waving in the distance.

She then hurried away, smiling satisfyingly to herself.
Probably happily reflecting on those few precious, mesmerizing moments she had just spent…….
‘Lost in music!’ >

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