“I’m watching you”

'I'm watching you'

This was a quick picture I took using my Iphone when we stopped off in Exeter on the way down to Plymouth.

We had just ordered a snack and some coffee at one of the little roadside cafes, when I got a phone call on my mobile from my son Duncan.
I decided that rather than discuss anything in earshot of the assembled patrons in the cafe, that I would take the call outside.

Now, for as long as I care to remember, I have always had tendency to walk around a lot whilst speaking on the phone? Don’t know how that came to be the case…It just sort of happened.

Anyway, there I am talking to my son and pacing about the perimeter of the outside car park, completely on my own or so I thought?

When for no apparent reason I end up standing alongside this one particular vehicle.

Still chatting with my boy, I suddenly look around and see this amazing face in the picture. It seemed rise up in very slow motion out of nowhere and say “I’m watching you”

The deep brown sad eyes of this mysterious dogs face then commenced to fix their stare on me.

Now I have no idea what breed of dog this was or indeed if it was supposed to be guarding the aforementioned vehicle?

So out of curiosity I gently touched the window…and there was absolutely no reaction from the occupant inside, whatsoever!

So I then walked around the opposite side of the vehicle. And once again, seemingly from nowhere, this little face emerged at the other window.
Then I decided to move away altogether! But still those eyes followed me ever more vigilantly, wherever I happened to walk!

Anyway, I finished up talking to my son and put the phone back into my pocket. On returning to the cafe I turned towards the vehicle once more and the dogs face had gone?

I then questioned myself, unsure at this point if I had imagined it all? And so I decided just to check what I had thought I had actually seen.

Peering in through the window using my outstretched hand as a shade, sure enough there in the back seat was my little friend.
And right alongside him, was another, somewhat smaller and less brave companion.

I’m pleased I took this photo. He was such a lovely dog.

I think however, that if anyone had tried to get into that car, they would have been licked to death by one or both of it’s furry occupants.

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