‘The Futon’

'The Futon'

This young lady had been shopping in the high street and had observed that there was a ‘one day only’ sale taking place in the local furniture shop. And there in the window was this futon at half price.

She had obviously had her eye on this for some time and felt this was a bargain just to good to miss?
So having quickly made the decision drawn out some cash and paid up front, she then realised that her car was parked some considerable distance away, so unfortunately for her, driving it back through the town centre to get nearer the shop, was simply not an option.

And so there was only one thing she could do, and that was to carry the bed in it’s component parts, starting with the mattress!

Hence the image you see of the lady in question complete with her bargain mattress balanced precariously on her head.

I wouldn’t mind betting that when she had eventually managed to transport this bargain bed from the furniture shop and all the way back to her car, that she would have definitely have benefited from well deserved lie down on it!

I just hope that she managed to get her car parked close enough to her home that morning, and didn’t have to go through this whole procedure yet again at the other end?

Worse still…What if she lived in a block of flats?

The things people suffer for a sale bargain eh?

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