‘Puppy Love’

'Puppy Love'

I had just met the nicest young woman who was standing in Palmerston Road brandishing two trays; both neatly decorated with serviettes; and each with a small bite size offering of either bake-well tart or a rich heavy fruit cake!

She was promoting the opening of some new premises and was keen to encourage any shoppers in town to sample her wares (metaphorically speaking you understand?)

Her smart crisp appearance comprised a rich deep burgundy apron. Upon her head she wore a neatly tied head scarf, which certainly made you focus your attention toward her general direction!

But it was not these things which caused me made me walk over and sample the tasty cakes on offer, No! Instead it was her warm genuine and friendly smile!

I truly feel that the benefits of smiling is under rated these days! Now I am aware not many of us might feel we have all that much to smile about these dark days?

But this young woman looking like an apparition from the 50s in her classic choice of fashion broke the mould!
She maintained this demeanour even when people chose to blank her completely; or rudely refuse this small but thoughtful gesture.

I personally thoroughly enjoyed the bake well tart and left assuring this proprietor that after my time spent in town was complete; I would indeed be frequenting this newly opened establishment.

Further on up I stopped to watch this young guy with his new puppy. It was exploring the many new sights and smells which surrounded it, all of which were invading his acute and highly tuned sense of smell.

A few people who would ordinarily have walked straight past this guy did in fact stop; albeit briefly to smooth the puppy and to exchange a brief moment of banter with the owner.

Then this lady came and sat at the opposite end of the bench. I smiled as she consciously maintained her distance; not wishing to invade this young lads space too much?

But the little pup was having none of it!
He was straight over there. Then using his unique puppy personality he broke through any imaginary boundaries that might have existed in either persons mind.

Like the young woman with her cakes this friendly approach goes such a long way to breaking the ice and creating communication laughter and often…friendship!

So next time you are out and about, don’t worry that you have no cake or indeed a cute little puppy dog in tow… Maybe just try a SMILE?

It works… I do it all the time!

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