Well it’s Monday once more and I am always chuffed because I get to select a colour photograph to try to help brighten any Monday blues you might be experiencing?

This is one shot which I kept from my visit to Totnes recently. I was walking down this rather steep hill which I had recently ascended to gain accesses through their town centre. When I chanced upon this colourful array of shops. I stood a while thinking; they must be a pretty fit lot these Totnes folk?

Anyway I digress!

The premises in my photograph; which incidentally was an estate agents (trendy or what?) Was just one example of the many brightly painted establishments which looked really quite attractive; and was not in any way out of place in these wonderfully vibrant surroundings.

Luck must have been with me that day, because the lady in shot had literally walked across the road and decided to stop outside to answer a call on her mobile phone.

Placing myself in a spy like posture as close to the shop fronts as was possible, I captured this image.
I felt that the woman’s colourful choice in clothing seemed to somehow almost blend in favourably with the shop colour scheme? Almost chameleon like?

Having said that; I am not actually renowned for colour matching much at all, as I am sure my wife and daughter would readily testify.

However I like to think that this time, I might have almost got it spot on? I wonder if her name was Blenda?

Just a thought!

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