‘Now can we play football Dad?’

Sitting opposite the market in Petersfield I saw this father and son with their little dog who was settled quietly underneath the table.

It looked to me like they had stopped off for a snack before heading out to play a game of football? I say this with some authority; only because I had previously already spotted the football which the little boys Dad was holding down beneath his left foot underneath the table.

I watched firstly as the little boy leant down and placed his hand beneath his chair to indicate to his little dog that a nice salty chip was on offer! That done he then slouched across the table before firmly directing his gaze towards his father, who was still at this time enjoying the remainder of his expresso.

Luckily though his Dad was not the type to keep his lad waiting any longer than was necassary. And not needing to be reminded further he drank down the remains from his cup and literally within minutes of me capturing the two images above; he had retrieved both the football and the dog from under the table; then clutching his sons hand they all three walked away together heading in the general direction of the local playing fields near the lake.

I know from experience just how important ‘father and son time’ is to youngsters these days; so it was great to see these two both sharing an hour or two together.

Parents do seem to be constantly under pressure to achieve a healthy work life balance. However this is not always so easy to achieve!

But whichever way you cut it! Times like these are precious and incredibly important. They help strengthen and reinforce relationships and create very special memories…memories which none of us can ever get back again!

And apart from your time; all it realistically cost, was a cup of coffee and a bowl of chips!

2 thoughts on “‘Now can we play football Dad?’

  1. Nice shots, Bob. I like the one with the boy giving the dog some food 🙂
    It’s definitely important for children to spend quality time with family. It will have wonderful benefits as they get older.

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