‘Easter Sunday’

'Easter Sunday'

Well I suppose we have after all just enjoyed a nice couple of days weather wise. However, the things I had been hoping to do came to nothing!

Consequently we found ourselves mostly plodding about and dodging the showers. So in an effort to rescue the situation and by way of a treat; I decided that the best course of action would be to get ourselves a coffee and a pastry; and to do some people watching from the warmth and comfort of this favourite little haunt of ours.

As we drew closer to the entrance I saw this young woman wrapped in her big chunky jumper with a cup of coffee in hand whilst contentedly browsing her way through the newspaper.

It is scenes such as this; of people sitting back in plush comfortable surroundings on their leather bound window seats which have a way of drawing you in?

Appearing all that more inviting especially when it rains?

So casting caution to the wind; we dismissed the wet dismal street and instead ended up sitting with two regular size capuccino coffees at the exact spot where this young woman in the photograph had been sitting previously.

A lovely setting some great music; and that unmistakable comforting aroma of coffee beans pervading our nostrils.

Happy Easter everyone!

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