‘Need for Speed’

'Need for Speed'

Whilst walking casually through the town centre recently I suddenly look down to see this little lad travelling at speed on his tiny three wheeled scooter.

He amazed his on lookers as he confidently weaved his way through the legs of the many shoppers with no apparent concerns for their personal space?

What can’t be seen so clearly however was his older sister who was extremely close on his heels; and equally as determined in her quest.

I have to admit to being totally impressed with this little guys grit and determination as he sped on by.

I smiled when I saw his face literally frozen in concentration; and his body dipped back to gain maximum wind resistance from the ride.

Now I know myself that when you are out with youngsters and there are scooters or skateboards involved, then inevitably what frequently starts out as a race at pedestrian pace will quickly develop into an all out, hell for leather, top speed pursuit.

Worse still are the high speed collisions which often can occur and the tears which then follow as the little casualties limp back towards the parent or guardian sobbing and blubbing noisily whilst nursing their grazed and bloodied knee.

But still clutching the scooter in their other hand; which for added drama though! Is now being held at arms length away from the body.

However, I am delighted to announce that no children were hurt in the taking of this photograph and that this little guy with his obvious ‘Need for Speed’ eventually won his race challenge with his sister and I turned to see him looking very smug and proud of himself whilst he waited the arrival of those he had effectively left in his wake.

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