‘Look for the clue’

'Look for the clue'

I was trying to sort out some my photographs today when I found this image which I took when on holiday in Sardinia.

It was a wonderful place and I remember us all sitting outside of this beautiful restaurant which overlooked the azure blue waters of the harbour.

On holiday with us at the time were my wife’s sister Carol and her husband David both of whom were over on vacation from Vancouver BC.

We had all just enjoyed a first class lunch together and were sipping our ice cold drinks when my brother in law suddenly asked me about my interest in ‘Street Photography’

As I was attempting to share with him my thoughts on the subject I started mentioning a few names of photographers and emphasising how incredible and remarkable their influences had been for so many people.

I went on to explain that these people were the forerunners the masters of their craft!

People like Arthur Fellig (pseudonym ‘Weegee) and Helen Levitt; who collectively transformed street photography in New York City.

Or Robert Doisneau who was recruited by Henri Cartier-Bresson and whose signature style is still celebrated today. These people just seemed to know instinctively what to look for and it was which constituted a great photograph.

“The list goes on and on” I told him.

Anyway as we were engrossed in our conversation this young lady walked towards us wearing this T-shirt which seemed to invite me to raise my camera and shoot.

I loved the way the restaurant owner standing outside the restaurant stood completely still whilst his eyes moved slowly to his right as she sashayed by him.

Then just for a second; I thought how nice would it be if as novice street photographers we could be offered clear clues like the visual message on the front of this young woman’s T-shirt when a worthwhile image was right for capture?

“If only it were that easy eh?”

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