‘How many People in this Picture?’

'How many People in this Picture?'

I had literally just raised up my camera and was about to try and capture an image when my attention was instead drawn to this big guy.
Striding confidently up the street wearing his fashionable American style clothing. He was obviously though very curious as to exactly what I was doing?

As he was in line with me on the opposite pavement he narrowed his eyes and slowly turned his head in my direction. But the urge to fire off a shot of him was just too tempting.

You see for me; part of the excitement of this type of photography is that it is exhilarating when you are never really completely sure just how people are going to react when you decide to take their picture?

But I love the buzz of that uncertainty and also that I get to feel slightly anxious on these occasions too.

But whatever your own interpretation of ‘Street’ photography might be; I personally believe you can make it as stimulating or as challenging as your own abilities and boundaries will allow?

Like many of you photographers out there; I have also read much in the way of research prior to embarking on this particular style.

And basically like most things in this life; I find the more I get outside and take my pictures; the more confident I am becoming in my own abilities!

I especially relish the fact that you never know what you are going to see when you venture out.
I enjoy the stealth and cunning you need to learn to develop in order to blend in; and not to be noticed.
I love the whole patience and observation theory and the need to accurately read situations. And then being in the right place at exactly the right time.

It is all these skills and more which go into us getting that special image.

The one we all long to capture?

So the guy in todays shot was looking somewhat doubtful of my presence in this particular case.

Consequently he registered his feelings and adopted this fixed and steady stare! A stare which he held just sufficiently long enough; for me to acknowledge!

Un-phased I smiled across at him then quickly ‘chimped’ a peep at the camera screen as I turned away.

Now I am fully aware that there are many photographers who purposefully seek out this type of response; and at a much closer proximity than this!

They actively encourage this type of reaction feeling that unless the person they are photographing isn’t looking directly into the camera lens; then their image loses much of it’s impact and potential?

For me though; I don’t really have a particular style I just never seem to tire of photographing people or interesting situations.

Now admittedly I do try to apply some of the advice I have gleaned from the experts; but mostly I photograph what I like when I like; and how I like to see it!

In truth street photography has been my saving grace! It is my hobby and my passion; one which I embrace and look forward to every single day.

So as long as it makes me happy and feeling fulfilled; then things like styles preferences or finer points and technicalities…to me are almost irrelevant.

So here’s my fun question for anybody reading this today…

“How many people can you see in this shot?”

“Including that is the female mannequin in the shop doorway?”

If you answered three? Check it again… there are in fact four people!”

The first clue to note is the reflection in the shop window directly alongside the big guy.

The second clue are the two extra feet you might have spotted striding in step with the big guys own feet?

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