‘The Big Fellah’


The stunning Irish Wolfhound… an absolute giant amongst dogs!

I initially saw the owner walking slowly up through the town towards me; and just had to take this photograph.

The dog certainly drew some attention from the visitors and shoppers in the town; many of whom had decided to go across and ask the dogs owner if they might meet and stroke this sweet-tempered patient and kind faced creature?

These dogs are unconditionally loyal towards their owners and towards the family; they have a tendency to greet everyone as a friend; and this ‘big fellah’ was no exception to the rule!

He was absolutely beautiful! And you could easily see that he thoroughly enjoyed the amount of attention this daily stroll brought both himself and his master.

Some of the smaller children who ventured over with parents however were noticeably intimidated by his sheer size? But that said. At no time did he ever react in a negative way or give them any cause for concern. He stood there totally relaxed and was receptive to any affection he was offered.

Now thinking about it! Perhaps I should maybe get one of these?

Firstly they do not like forced exercise! Secondly they are relatively easy to train! And thirdly they get along famously with other dogs…so that’s just fine by me!

I have to say I was really keen to go over to say hello to him myself; but felt he maybe he had more than enough admirers around him at the time!

So I checked the image on-screen and strolled off again slipping effortlessly back into ‘people watching’ mode.

But luck being what it was; I actually did chance upon him and his owner for a second time; just as I was leaving to return to my car. I stopped and we had a great chat together. The big fellah however remained fast asleep throughout as the photograph shows!

Apparently after his daily walk is done; he and his owner are both a regular attraction at ‘Cafe Rouge’ and where this dog is actually a bit of a VIP! He gets his own cool tiled floor area in which to lie down and take an afternoon nap. He is given a fresh drink of cooling water ; and they say they don’t even mind if he snores!

Meanwhile his owner; who was incidentally looking very dapper in his white summer hat and dark shades; also relaxed with a pot of tea for one whilst observing the comings and goings of the many visitors to the town. Most of whom stopped to chat.

Do you think that the dog was really asleep? Or was he just pretending?  Maybe he was a bit fed up by then of all that attention being thrust upon him? I wonder?

By the way I loved the ‘Shepherds Crook’ which the owner carried. If you look closely; it has the head of a dog carved into the handle…Neat!


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