‘Take Seven!’

Eastleigh Town Centre just the other day; I felt that I needed a bit of a change of environment?

Mind you; I did used to work and actually had my offices here in Eastleigh at one time; so I was therefore quite familiar with this area in general.

That day I had just bought myself a hot pastie and a brew; then decided to grab a seat and just see what was going on?

As I tucked into my grub I see this little group of amateur film makers arrive. Armed with all their gear they then start setting up their equipment directly in my field of view.

“Perfect” I mumble to myself. “Might just get a shot or two here?”

The director (that’s the young lad in the cut off shorts) then starts explaining how he thought it should all be done to the two youngsters who were to be his presenters; and both of whom sat listening intently to his advice and direction.

Meanwhile the sound and film engineer had already set himself up and was obviously good to go?

So all seemed surprisingly professional; and quite organised at this point?

It was then that I noted a small group of very captivated youngsters (budding film buffs?) who had taken it upon themselves to sit down together and demonstrate their obvious interest in what was happening?

Two of this group had claimed the aluminium bench whilst the others gathered on the low brick wall alongside them.

I must admit I was impressed at how this small amateur team seemed to have grabbed the interest and attention of this age group? And managed to hold their undevided attention!

That was until I spotted this young blonde teenager who had actually taken a seat directly facing the two young presenters and who was temporarily distracted using her mobile phone.

Coincidentally she was also clearly visible to the small group of boys who had gathered earlier!

So without her even being aware; this one young lady single handedly managed to completely distract seven young lads.

By the time it took me to finish my pastie I distinctly saw the sound and film engineer remove his head phones and yell “Boys…Boys…Take Seven!”

“Yes she did!…she most certainly did!”

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