‘Do you feel lucky? Well do you Punk’

IMG_2378 Now then…If this doesn’t brighten your Monday then nothing will!

Taken on a recent visit down to Plymouth I was lucky to spot this young guy who was obviously your more shy retiring type of individual? Bit of a wall flower? and certainly not the type of person who might wish you draw attention to himself?

With his gelled up green punk hair style and his face painted with Tiger claw marks; he was certainly entering into the whole ‘funfair thing’ that was being held over the particular weekend when we were visiting.

I thought that his somewhat unique style and imaginative appearance seemed to lend themselves nicely to those of his immediate surroundings? To his credit he had definitely stamped his interpretation onto the whole theme of this particular initiative. I thought that he looked brilliant; and it’s always nice to see someone commit so enthusiastically to local events in their area?

It was for these reasons that I felt that it would have been rude of me to simply ignore this capture? So quickly strolling across to a vantage point a little closer to where he was standing; I fired off this shot.

I hope that it might help brighten up your Monday a little? And who knows… Maybe even make you smile?

So whatever you were doing today guys I really hope that you had fun doing it?

And if per chance you should be reading this right now? Then take a couple of minutes just to soak in all these beautiful colours and just maybe they might help reinvigorate you?

(Should indeed you feel that you even require any additional invigoration for the long week which lies ahead of you?)

Remember though; the weekend will soon be here again soon enough. Then just like the guy in today’s image; you can put the work behind you slip on your best summer outfit; slick up that hair (if you still have any that is?) and get out there and Party.

Party like it’s 1999!

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