‘The Magic Bonnet’

IMG_5799This little girl along with her sister and their little brother had obviously taken a real shine to one of the balloons being sold on this somewhat perplexed street vendors stall.

He can be seen clearly in the shot on the right of the children with his arms folded; watching over them as they each continued to discuss between themselves which of these balloons was their real and absolute favourite!

Interestingly though; as they all stood there chatting so the little girl wearing the sun-bonnet would lift it off and twirl it around above her head.  I am not sure if this was done to distract the vendors attention; or if indeed it was a strange ritual. And one which played a fundamental part  in helping her decide exactly which balloon to choose?

But whatever it was; it continued for some considerable time; until eventually her choice was made! At which point the sun-bonnet was then placed firmly back on top of  her head.


She then turned to attract the attention of her parents and yelled “Can we have the red one please mum?”

For her little brother though there was to be no hesitation in awaiting a response!


As far as he was concerned his sister had chosen and so this was apparently already a done deal!

Taking charge of the situation he surged forwards and began tugging at the chosen item in an effort to remove it from the stall to give to his big sister.

As far as I am aware though…I hear that they all lived happily ever after!

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