‘The Last Supper’

IMG_4160 Saw this stall holder over at the market place in Chichester the other day.

During a lull in what I know from personal experience to be an incredibly busy schedule (particularly the early morning ‘stupid o’clock starts) She had decided to stop and to rest back in her camping chair with a tartan blanket to cover her legs and to take a well earned cup of hot tea from her thermos flask. She also seemed to be rather enjoying this french bread stick with cheddar cheese and pickle.

Initially I tried to catch this image from one particular angle; but unfortunately as the market was relatively quiet; I must have looked a little bit suspicious to other people there whilst endeavouring to set up the shot? And so it was; despite trying really hard I never got the composition quite the way I had intended.

In the end though I decided I would give it one last try. Sitting almost opposite on a low wall I casually began cleaning my camera lens with a soft lint cloth trying my best to look a little less obvious. Then glancing again over in her general direction her demeanour now seemed to suggest that she had lost any further interest in what I was up to; in fact she looked really quite relaxed; having slipped into a much more reflective pose.

I then raised my camera lens and captured this shot.

In truth I had hoped to take in the full picture which was in the frame placed alongside her; but unfortunately it was’nt to be!

Hopefully though; you get the gist?

6 thoughts on “‘The Last Supper’

  1. Nice one, Bob! I think anyone who’s photographed people in candid situations has experienced this exact scenario at least one time! I definitely have! Great shot nonetheless and story, too!

    • Hello buddy. You are absolutely right in your comment. Thank you though for your kind remark which as always is gratefully acknowledged.
      Hope you and yours are happy and well my friend?

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