IMG_7994Took a trip down into Milton to pick up our daughter and our grandson Beau who had just returned from his pre-school and was keen to be picked up and taken for a drive along the seafront.

Although the weather was blowy their was some sun evident through the clouds. Realistically the weather is irrelevant; provided that is our Beau get’s to sit up front in the van in his safety chair. He loves to be high up in the passengers seat where he will then offer me up a running commentary about any diggers or coaches or lorries or tractors or ships or boats or camper vans or motor-homes or hovercrafts, or in particular traffic lights and crossings; we might chance upon during our drive.

Also when you make a promise to our Beau that you are not going to be long picking him up; then in his 2 year old mind that is taken literally! So you can imagine my dismay when up ahead of us I noticed that the traffic was slowing down and there on the pavement to my right were a class of children on a walk about from school; all waiting patiently to use the crossing. Our Beau won’t be happy I thought…this could take some time?

Then my heart sank when I then saw the cars in front draw to a stop.

I watched as one teacher then began to make her way over both crossings and over to the other side. Then another teacher quickly took up her position at the centre of the crossings; and finally the last one remained with the large class of pupils as they all waited instruction standing there in their pairs. Most were holding hands and all were listening intently for the the command to commence their crossing together.

What impressed me most of all was that each child as they walked across the road; took the time to thank the drivers of the cars that were waiting! Every one of them either waved or to smiled. And as the last pair of kids alighted the pavement on the other side so then did each of the teachers follow behind; again both acknowledged and thanked the drivers for their consideration.

It actually made the waiting almost pleasurable. In fairness their actions had the desired effect because each driver returned a smile some even waving back at the children.

In the everyday rush of this little life all of us including myself rushing to get where we are going; can so easily forget that politeness patience and consideration are indeed truly worthy virtues.

So well done those kids and well done to the teachers involved.

That was one smooth operation!

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