IMG_7726Couldn’t resist this shot of these two characters out in the town over in Chichester.

I had already seen this lady sitting outside one of the local stores awaiting her husband; but as she was not sporting her dainty oriental parasol; I decided that the shot wasn’t really that interesting or dynamic?

I had just to hope that I might cross paths with the pair again later in the day. Most people spend a good couple of hours strolling to and fro down here; often taking lunch at one of the busy restaurants or taking advantage of the welcome warmth of this late sunshine.

Anyway; I decided that I should go and take a look over at the Cathedral grounds where there are usually a plethora of visitors arriving on the buses and coaches; all out to spend a gentle afternoon shopping or simply taking in the sights?

Luck was definitely on my side when I see coming towards me; the very couple my interest had been alerted to earlier!

Only this time because the sun was high in the sky; the oriental parasol was getting an airing and the sunlight beautifully picking out the detail in it’s delicate design. As they drew closer I was clumsily attempting to line up the Cathedral for my backdrop when the gentleman sent a casual if somewhat cautious glance in my general direction. This I thought would only make for an even more interesting end result?

Having edited it slightly I must admit that I was pleased how the colour in the ladies hair contrasted so well with the flower detail in the open parasol; and with the dress worn by the young woman sitting on the Cathedral wall below them. (Even her varnished toe nail paint helped compliment the overall image; haha!)

At the time this was captured it really seemed to look quite balanced in it’s composition when I snuck a glance at it in my camera view finder? I do so love to see people like these two in today’s image; the ones who dress differently; and who are confident in their demeanour and who stand out from the crowd.

Not too shabby eh?

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