‘Nailed it’

IMG_8915Still over at Chichester when I notice this young woman take up her position outside of the ‘Colour and Diamond’ store. She lit up a cigarette and took a long deep inhalation eventually allowing the smoke to curl upwards from one corner of her mouth before blowing it clear.

As I sat alongside her she seemed engrossed in thought; and then suddenly I clearly heard the message tone ring out from a mobile phone which she had placed safely away inside her handbag.

Retrieving the mobile phone she quickly read over the message whilst scrolling the details through as she did. She then smiled to herself before commencing with her reply. I was just amazed at the speed with which she tapped out this response not hampered in the least by those long bright red talon like nails.

Now I would have to be the first to admit to you all that I personally am definitely not the fastest text in the West; or indeed the South. Or anywhere for that matter.

And even if I were; there is absolutely no way I could manoeuvre my digits around a mobile phones small key-board as deftly as this young woman seemed able to do; with apparent ease?

In-fact I can positively assure anybody reading this tonight; that if I had to respond to a text message with nails the length of these; then I would probably be quicker sending it by pigeon post for the length of time it would take me.

However; full marks to this young woman because in a matter of minutes she had not only managed to ping off two responses but also managed to enjoy her cigarette and even structure in a bit of people watching.

So there you have it folks; multi-tasking is alive and well over here in Chi.

Nailed it!

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