‘On Reflection’

IMG_7747I was just heading through the town over at Chichester when I noticed this young couple approach this low surrounding wall together.

It looked to me as if they were not completely at good terms with one another and so they initially just sat there together for a while. He looking around whilst she checked for messages on her mobile phone.

Pretty soon I found myself standing and looking through the window which you can see in shot today, and considering how I might best capture this interesting little image.

Then I caught their image reflecting neatly onto the clean glass shop window and decided that this might actually work very nicely for me.

This option appealed to me immediately. Because not only would my image then include both parties, it meant I could capture them without me disturbing the moment.

Also it would include many of the other interesting aspects and activities taking place around them.

So here it is published for your delectation.

And actually on reflection.

It’s not all that shabby at all; is it?

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